Sang H. Kim is an internationally respected author of over 20 martial arts books, including his new book Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy and the best sellers Ultimate Flexibility, Vital Point Strikes, Ultimate Fitness through Martial Arts, Martial Arts After 40, Combat Strategy and Teaching: the Way of the Master, and star of over 200 martial arts instructional DVDs and video downloads programs including Self-defense Encyclopedia, Knife-defense, Power Breathing, Junsado Training Series, and Complete Taekwondo Series.

He began his martial arts training in 1965 and was the finalist in the national martial arts masters competition sanctioned by the Korean government in 1983 and named Instructor of the Year. As a special agent during his military service, he developed tactical combat methods for hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon combat for covert operatives.

He taught Taekwondo at Trinity College from 1987 to 1999 and was a technical advisor for Wesleyan University and the University of Connecticut. He has spoken on Sports Philosophy, Fighting Strategy and Motivation at Yale University, Gordonstoun School in Scotland, Brunell University in London, and private and public organizations in Europe, North America and Asia.

He has been featured in magazines and newspapers including Black Belt, Taekwondo times, Taekwondo People, WTF Magazine, Combat, Fighter’s Magazine-UK, Donga Newspaper-Seoul, The New York Times and 90 more publications.

He developed Law Enforcement Safety & Survival programs for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and VIP Security programs for international agencies in the US, UK, and Canada.

He earned a BS degree in English Literature, an MS degree in Exercise & Sports Sciences and a Ph.D. in Exercise Science with focus on mindfulness practice. Currently, he is professionally pursuing his lifetime passion for photography.

Dr. Kim's recent clinical research results on the effects of mindful movement and deep breathing (MBX) on reducing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms were published in the July 2013 issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, and featured in CBS News, Huffington Post, Fox News, and others. He has presented his findings in various national and international scientific conferences.  

Ongoing Projects

In addition to being a lifelong martial artist, Sang H. Kim has pursued many related interests.

He has developed his own martial arts style, pursued a lifelong interest in fitness, written and directed a feature film and practiced traditional calligraphy for over 40 years. Learn more about these projects:

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      > Official Junsado website  

      > One Mind One Breath Blog

      > MBX12 Mindful Movement

Career Highlights

Sang H. Kim has over 40 years of experience in training and teaching martial arts and mindfulness. He has taught tens of thousands of students in his own schools and at seminars in Europe, Asia and North America and reached millions more through his books, videos and DVDs. 

Below are some highlights of his martial arts career:

  • 2019: Harvard University Flow Photography Projects

  • 2019: Mindful Movement Sessions for Harvard Summer Photography Classes

  • 2017-2019: Mindful Moments Documentary Photo Project

  • 2018: Breathe Your Stress Away Workshop with Dr. Sang H. Kim at the Falmouth Public Library, Falmouth, MA

  • 2017: Finding Your Center with Dr. Sang H. Kim at the Falmouth Public Library, Falmouth, MA

  • 2017: Mindful Movement Retreat in Hawaii

  • 2016: Presented 'Science of Mindful Movement' at the Falmouth Public Library and Woods Hole Public Library, Falmouth, MA

  • 2016: Guest Speaker, 'Science of Resilience' for Law Enforcement Agents, University of Rhode Ireland, Kingston, RI

  • 2015: Mindful Movement Session Tour in UK, Finland, and Switzerland

  • 2015: Speaker, 'Six-week Mindful Movement (MBX-12) & Meditation Workshop', The Council on Aging, Town of Foxborough, MA

  • 2015: Speaker, 'Eight-week MBX-12 & Meditation Workshop', Dept of Human Services, Town of Falmouth, MA

  • 2014: Presented 'Introduction of MBX-12 as Lifestyle Medicine', Dept of Psychology, Harvard Extension School: PSYC E-1037, Boston, MA

  • 2014: Presented MBX-12 at Harvard Medical School's Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Tools for Promoting Healthy Change Conference, Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA

  • 2013: Published in Medical Journal, 'PTSD Symptom Reduction With Mindfulness-Based Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercise: Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Efficacy' J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 98 (7), 2013, pp. 2984-2992

  • 2013: Published Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy

  • 2013: Published in Medical Journal, 'Mind-body practices for posttraumatic stress disorder', J Investig Med, 61(5), 2013, pp. 827-834

  • 2012: Interactive Mindfulness Workshop for Caregivers, 2012 National Caregiver's Day Conference, NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD

  • 2012: Postdoctoral Research Fellow National Institutes Of Health (NIH) Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD

  • 2012: Presentation: Mindfulness-Based Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercise Reduces Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health. Portland, Oregon

  • 2012: Presentation: Mindfulness-based Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercises Reverse Chronic PTSD Symptoms among Nurses. The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Los Angeles, California

  • 2012: Cancer Prevention Fellowship, The NCI Summer Curriculum in Cancer Prevention and Control, The National Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD

  • 2012: Presentation: The Efficacy of Mindfulness-based Stretching and Breathing Exercise as a Complementary Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Translational Science 2012 Conference, Washington DC

  • 2012: PhD in Exercise Science with Distinction from the University of New Mexico

  • 2011: Lead Investigator for Research on the Therapeutic Effects of Mindfulness-based Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercise on reversing PTSD symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Funded by: DHHS/NIH/NCRR/UNM CTSC)

  • 2011: Completed the Certificate Program of Clinical and Translational Science Research at the University of New Mexico Medical School

  • 2009: Honorary Commander, US Air Force, Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, Albuquerque, NM

  • 2009: Conducted a Live-High Train-High Taekwondo Training Methodology at the height of 7,000-11,000 feet in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • 2008: Published Vital Point Strikes: The Art and Science of Vital Target Striking for Self-defense and Combat Sports

  • 2008: Published Power Breathing, his personal system of developing inner energy

  • 2007: Produced and directed Ki: The Science of Internal Energy while living with hermit masters in the northern mountains of Korea

  • 2005: Special Recognition, US Marshals Service, Department of Justice, Washington DC

  • 2004: Published Ultimate Flexibility, international bestseller on martial arts stretching

  • 2003: Selected as one of the 10 Most Distinguished Korean-Americans by Daegu MBC TV

  • 2003: Special Recognition for Developing Leadership Program, Department of Public Safety, CT

  • 1998: Outstanding Instructor Award, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

  • 1997-2000: Columnist, Central Daily News, Korea

  • 1996: 1001 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Others translated into 18 languages

  • 1995-1998: Coordinator, Olympic Taekwondo Project

  • 1991-1994: Columnist, Martial Arts News, Korea

  • 1987-1999: Adjunct Professor, Trinity College

  • 1989-1998: International seminar presenter, Taekwondo and Junsado

  • 1983: Instructor of the Year, Korea

  • 1981: Founder of Junsado: The Way of Combat Expert

  • 1976: 1st place in National Youth Calligraphy Contest, Korea

  • 1970: Distinguished Award from Ministry of Education, Korea