6-week MBX-12 & One Mind One Breath Workshop in Foxboro, MA

The 6-week Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop, organized and sponsored by the Foxboro Council on Aging and Human Services in Massachusetts.


Over 120 participants had the opportunity to learn MBX-12 between September 29 and November 4, and many of them seamlessly performed the 12 movement routine with Dr. Kim following the beautiful rhythm of Beethoven’s Sonata No 8 in C minor Op 13 Pathetique Adagio Cantabile.

8-week MBX-12 Workshop in Falmouth, MA

The 8-week Mindful Movement & Meditation Workshop, organized and sponsored by the Department of Human Services of the Town of Falmouth in Massachusetts, had a great turnout with over 320 residents participated.


The Falmouth Enterprise newspaper introduced MBX12 as a mindful exercise form for “feeling refreshed and invigorated and regaining a sense of oneself“. After 8 weeks, the paper summed up the experience of MBX12 practice as “the participants being experts moving together, eliciting the peacefulness of yoga, the power of martial arts, and the flow of dance, especially when they concluded the evening practicing to the 2nd Movement of the Beethoven Sonata No 8. At points the only sound was their synchronized breathing.” The Falmouth Community Television exclusively featured Dr. Kim and his teaching philosophy.

Mindful Movement & Meditation Workshop for Physicians & Staff in Connecticut


This workshop was hosted by Dr. Jarrod Post, CEO of Connecticut Mulitispecialty Group, along with other staff and physicians of CMG. “The workshop provided an evening of peaceful dialog and to learn methods for: improving daily mindfulness, maintaining sustained energy, improving resilience during our daily routines, coping with stressful events, and creating peaceful moments for our members,” says Dr. Post.

Dr. Kim, the creator of MBX-12, taught the unique sequence of 12 mindful movements that invigorate internal energy flow and enhance stress resilience. Based on his life-long experience in martial arts practice, teaching, and research, Dr. Kim created this invigorating active form of moving meditation by bringing together mindful movement and deep breathing to release stress under pressure, to become energized, and to have clarity of mind that can help professionals not only get the job done effectively but also have better relationships with their clients.