Mindful Movement & Meditation Workshop for Physicians & Staff in Connecticut


This workshop was hosted by Dr. Jarrod Post, CEO of Connecticut Mulitispecialty Group, along with other staff and physicians of CMG. “The workshop provided an evening of peaceful dialog and to learn methods for: improving daily mindfulness, maintaining sustained energy, improving resilience during our daily routines, coping with stressful events, and creating peaceful moments for our members,” says Dr. Post.

Dr. Kim, the creator of MBX-12, taught the unique sequence of 12 mindful movements that invigorate internal energy flow and enhance stress resilience. Based on his life-long experience in martial arts practice, teaching, and research, Dr. Kim created this invigorating active form of moving meditation by bringing together mindful movement and deep breathing to release stress under pressure, to become energized, and to have clarity of mind that can help professionals not only get the job done effectively but also have better relationships with their clients.