Taekwondo Skills and Drills Video App

Sang H. Kims Taekwondo video series is back in the Taekwondo Skills and Drills video app. From beginner to black belt and beyond, this app is your guide to the kicks, strikes and blocks of taekwondo plus drills to take your performance to the next level. Each video in the app is indexed for quick access and the instructional videos start at just $2.99.

Download the app for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and get nearly 20 minutes of free instructional content.



Beginner Taekwondo takes new students through the essential information that all beginning taekwondo students should know including: » tying your belt correctly » bowing » basic kicks, strikes, blocks and stances » 5 self-defense techniques » 4 one-step sparring sets » Poomse Kicho (basic form). Watch the introduction for free - purchase the complete program for $5.99.


In Complete Taekwondo Kicking, learn the complete system of taekwondo kicks from beginner to black belt and beyond. Sang H. Kim explains how to perform each kick in detail then demonstrates on a target, against a partner and with varied footwork. Learn Back Kick for free when you download the app. Divided into three programs so you can purchase the kicks that are right for your level: Fundamental kicks like front, side, roundhouse, and axe kick ($1.99), Advanced spinning and hopping kicks ($2.99) or Black Belt kicks including jumping, jump spinning and multiple kicks ($2.99).


In Championship Taekwondo Drills, Olympic Gold Medalist Lynnette Love teaches you the drills and training methods that led her to the top including: conditioning drills, plyometrics, strengthening exercises, wavemaster bag training, circuit interval training, endurance training, footwork drills, kicking drills, line drills, hogu drills, speed drills, partner drills, and group target drills. Get a set of strength drills free when you download the app - purchase the complete Conditioning and Kicking Drills video for just $4.99. Also available for purchase: Sparring Scoring Drills and Strategy ($2.99), featuring Olympians Lynnette Love, Arlene Limas and Patrice Remarck sharing their scoring strategies and drills for Olympic-style taekwondo sparring.


Learn 30 new step sparring combinations, incorporating dozens of strikes, blocks, stances, kicks and footwork in realistic sparring and self-defense applications, in Taekwondo Step Sparring ($2.99). 


Taekwondo Hand Skills ($2.99) covers the complete system of traditional taekwondo hand skills from white through black belt. Includes single arm blocks, double arm blocks, knife hand blocks, block/strike combination techniques, punching, knife hand strikes, elbow strikes, and more. Get the knifehand blocking how-to segment free when you download the app.


Taekwondo Aerokicks includes instruction on the most challenging kicks of taekwondo including 540 degree jumping spinning whip kick, jumping split kicks, back flip kicks, and over a dozen ways to execute three, four and even five kicks in a single flying jump. Full speed, stop frame and slow motion views make learning easy. Learn jumping turn kick for free when you download the app - purchase the entire video for just $6.99.