Ultimate Martial Arts Conditioning videos mobile app

Three of Sang H. Kim's most popular videos are back in the new Ultimate Martial Arts Conditioning mobile app. Download the app today to get 20 minutes of free instructional content.

If you've been looking for Ultimate Flexibility, Ultimate Fitness for Martial Arts or Ultimate Kicking Drills, now you can have instant access at home or on the go. Each video in the app is indexed for easy access to the drills and workouts and the instructional videos start at just $1.99.

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What's Included in the App

The Ultimate Martial Arts Conditioning app is your guide to getting stronger, faster and more flexible. Take your martial arts skills to the next level with expert instruction by Sang H. Kim:

Ultimate Flexibility

Stretching for Martial Arts: Achieve Ultimate Flexibility in 20 minutes a day! Based on his bestselling book Ultimate Flexibility, Sang H. Kim has created a series of 20-minute martial arts stretching workouts that you can follow at home to increase your flexibility and tone your body.  Watch the Introduction to Stretching free - purchase the follow-along workouts for just $1.99 each.

Ultimate Kicking Drills

Want to kick higher, stronger, faster? Bored with the usual training routine? Then the Ultimate Kicking Drills video is for you. Follow along as master Sang H. Kim teaches you dozens of kicking drills, techniques, exercises & tips to put you on the road to measurable improvement. The free preview includes over a dozen kicking drills to improve your speed, agility, balance and coordination for kicking. For just $6.99 download the entire video, with over 100 drills, exercises and training methods.

Ultimate Fitness for Martial Arts 

Sang H. Kim teaches you the exercises that have helped him maintain ultimate flexibility for over 20 years and demonstrates the most effective exercises for developing explosive power and speed in your techniques using weight training, running, isometrics, and more. Plus, get valuable advice on developing agility, balance, coordination and timing. Over 100 drills, exercises and training methods. Get the Power drills and exercises for free - purchase the whole program for just $5.99.

Includes 20 minutes of free instructional content when you download the app!